Thursday, February 2, 2012

Man Repellin'

I idolise Leandra Medine. I love how she injects humor into her writing and I can really relate to the ethos of her blog. (I can't count the amount of times my boyfriend has given me a horrified look up and down when he sees what I'm wearing) For those of you who aren't familiar with her she is the founder of the blog 'The Man Repeller', the inventor of 'the arm party' (which is basically wearing loads of bracelets) and her style is insane and so inspiring-even the way she ties her laces is genius! If there's a blogger you can learn something from it is definitely Ms. Medine, her lessons on layering are invaluable. Check out her blog HERE and have a look at some examples of her style below.

Her closet feature on Style Like U gives an insight into the story behind her blog which you can watch HERE
Enjoy x

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  1. Thanks for sharing. My boyfriend does that all the time! x