Saturday, January 28, 2012

Today I'm Loving 2

Here is what I've been gawking at and enjoying as of late. Hope you like :)
Alexa on the cover of Elle UK March 2012
The latest edition of I LOVE FAKE magazine, a free emag which contains gorgeous editorials read it HERE

Lana Del Rey's album 'Born To Die' was released on Friday and it did NOT disappoint, I have it on repeat this song is dreamy. (yes I know I'm obsessed)

I am loving the TV show 'the Walking Dead' I am using it for my dissertation and I'm hooked. On the same subject-Lara Stone as a 'fashion zombie' in French Vogue (Feb. 2009)

Street style via Style Tao which I've only come across recently and have gone through nearly all the pictures on the site. Check it out HERE
This Topshop jacket hasn't hit stores yet.....but when it does....It's mine


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Modern Marilyns

As you know I love love love old Hollywood and I have a penchant for Marilyn Monroe and the 1950's in general. Following the release of My week With Marilyn there has been an influx of vintage and 1950's style editorials including this Marilyn inspired one I came across a Vogue China aptly titled 'Modern Marilyn.' The second pictures are from an editorial in the September issue of Flare Magazine which features Jessica Stam in a pin-up inspired shoot with the finest head of hair I've ever seen that is seriously my dream gruaig would love if we could swap......

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Couture 2012: Diaphanous Dior

I love the gauzy materials, structural skirts and turban headbands which were featured in the Dior couture show yesterday afternoon. Bill Gayttan, the stand in for Galliano created looks that were wearable and romantic. My personal favourite is the sheer shirt, full skirt combo.

P.S-I bought a black velvet turban headband from Topshop last week and I love how it gives a glamorous lift to any outfit.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Seductive Sci-Fi: Versace Atelier 2012

Today marks the beginning of the Couture shows in Paris and I am glued to waiting for the first pictures to flood in. Although I haven't covered shows in the past I think I have to make an exception for couture and I am going to share my favorite shows this week with all of you. Although it is barely wearable I love the drama and elegance (and occasional tack) couture represents and Donatella Versace has outdone herself with this Science Fiction inspired collection-the silver one-piece and knee-highs are very Barbarella. I can see Gaga in the yellow one-piece which is my definite favourite.  The behind the scenes shots are via the Versace Facebook page and I am loving the mahoosive bouffants.