Thursday, January 19, 2012


There is nothing I love more than a good high street find. While I lust and long for designer items, being a student never allows for  splurges on everyday things that I want rather than need. The Acne Shore Sweater in mint has been mentioned by a few of my favorite bloggers which brought it to my attention. Both Elin Kling and BryanBoy have lusted after it and since seeing it I've joined them. As you know I love a good geansaí and the minty colour is ideal for Spring, (which I can't feckin wait for at this stage) but the extortionate price tag meant that I deemed it out of reach. As you can imagine my eyes LIT UP when I saw H&M's take on the Shore Sweater, the colour is a creamier hue (the colour in the photo below is not true to life I need a new camera) and the cocoon shape and armour inspired sleeves sold it to me. At a fraction of Acne's price at 39.99 I had to purchase it and needless to say I can't take it off! Mint and gold are amazing together but this also looks great with printed or denim jeans. The length also means that it can be worn with black opaques as a dress, definitely an all-rounder! Thanks to this gem I have a spring in my step rather than the January blues.

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  1. Niamh I had to wear the Acne Shore for a day for "wear testing"....unreal!!The colour is so vibrant in real life!x

    1. Amazing! What I'd do for the real thing it's sooo nice!x