Monday, January 9, 2012

December Favourites

I am going to start posting my monthly faves here as they change a lot and I am always trying new products. (Which is unfortunate for my bank balance!) As I've already told you, blogging is a major component to my New Year's rez and I'm looking forward to doing posts that can become ongoing features on the blog.

Comment below for more suggestions :) would love to hear what you like reading about!

1. MAC Wedge eyeshadow-This is a fool-proof favourite of mine for day-time makeup. I apply it on its own with eyeliner and I'm ready to go to college, it's very handy and I have repurchased it a good few times at this stage.

2. Lana Del Rey-I have blogged about her before and I'm still obsessed. Can't wait for the release of her album Born To Die at the end of January. I have this song on repeat.

3.The New Girl-I began watching this show online when it started in the U.S. I love Zooey Deschanel and this show is so easy to watch and verrry funny! Perfect for final year college viewing!

4. Avon Supershock Gel Eyeliner-As a huge Pixiwoo fan I have been gagging to use this eyeliner for ages and was delighted when I received mine mid-December. It is 100% the best eyeliner I have used. I suffer from an EXTREMELY watery waterline and I hadn't found an eyeliner that would last longer than 3 seconds until this one.

5. John Frieda Luxurious Volume Lavish Lift Root Booster-I spray this on my hair before blowdrying and it gives great volume. I have tried numerous products that claim to do the same thing and this one definitely does what it says!

6. Essie Ballet Slippers-This natural polish is great for every day. I love Essie and this one goes on almost like Shellac and lasts for ages. I picked my one up in New York and am on a hunt to find a cheap one online as mine only has a couple of coats left in it :(

7. Dark Lippy-Winter has finally given me the opportunity to wear lipstick that is otherwise deemed inappropriate. Colder weather and darker evenings means it's ok to wear really dark lipstick and not get funny looks. I am loving vampish makeup at the moment and MAC Hang up is a gorgeous burgundy that I will wear into the warmer months without shame.

8. Black-Another favourite I have recently blogged about. I am going to try and wean myself off it for January as my penchant for dark colors is getting  ridiculous.

9. Soap & Glory-Hand Food-Those of you who have not tried this NEED to. It is amazing hand cream that smells like Chanel perfume and leaves your hands soso soft. A bargain at 2.50 for the mini (which lasts ages) in Boots.

AND last but not least.

10. The iPad-I was lucky enough to receive an iPad for Christmas-this was definitely a perk to having a Birthday so close to Christmas. Although I'm not usually a fan of the dreaded Birthday/Christmas present this was definitely worth it! I did an editorial internship during the Summer and was asked to trawl through numerous online fashion magazines for inspiration. This led to an obsession with E-Magazines which are hard to experience in full depth on a computer screen. I have been longing for an iPad ever since and it has completely changed my online experiences I am HOOKED. It also makes college a lot easier seeing as I am studying English and am expected to read a number of books a week. Luckily a lot of these books are now free in the iTunes store and I can access them in one click :) (I could actually go on about it forever and it's definitely a favourite)


  1. Just found your blog on the IFB page. Lovely blog! great idea to do monthly faves. I love Lana del Rey, have her songs on repeat! I have also watched all the episodes of new girls that are available online, love that show! an ipad?! your so lucky!! :) x